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Unique Programs for Athletes

Play your best, even after an injury

The goal in any sport is to win, which is why athletes need to play at the highest level possible. At Elite Physical Therapy, we help them do this by improving their strength, their flexibility, their range of motion and overall conditioning with our Step Your Game Up and Return To Play programs.

Step Your Game Up

The area’s only structured strength and conditioning program for athletes, Step Your Game Up is designed to improve an athlete’s performance — in their chosen sport, for their specific role/position and tailored to their abilities and needs. This six-week preseason program begins with a thorough assessment of each athlete’s situation, goals and needs. Then our licensed pros devise a customized program to improve strength, conditioning, range of motion, flexibility and the athlete’s level of competitive play. Designed for adult and youth athletes.

Return to Play

Sports injuries involve unusual forces and present unique challenges. Also, the athlete needs to regain maximum physical capacity in order to continue being competitive. With our Return to Play program, the only one of its kind in the area, we provide top-notch physical therapy and postsurgical rehabilitation for a fast, safe and complete return to play. The area’s most highly trained physical therapists, we treat a wide range of sports injuries and specialize in treating athletes. And because every injury and athlete are unique, we customize our care for the individual athlete. We also educate athletes, coaches and parents on the injury, proper care, proper motions, reinjury-prevention techniques and more.