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Orthopedic Rehabilitation

We help you take a break from pain.

Living with pain is never normal. Injuries to the bones, muscles, joints and ligaments can severely impact your quality of life. Patients suffering with orthopedic conditions can find expert specialized rehabilitation at Elite Physical Therapy.

Get back to feeling better, as quickly as possible.

Every course of therapy begins with a biomechanical assessment to determine the true cause of your symptoms. We have specialized training in several different disciplines and provide hands-on care for neck, shoulder, back, knee, elbow, hip and wrist conditions. Treatment is personalized to each person’s unique needs and focuses on techniques that increase strength, flexibility and range of motion while relieving painful symptoms as quickly as possible. All patients receive program recommendations that they can continue at home. The goal is to restore the patient’s optimum level of function so they can enjoy life once again.

You really can take a break from the pain. Come discover how Elite Physical Therapy can help you get back to feeling better, as quickly as possible. Call us today at (315) 737-7300 for your initial appointment or use our online Request an Appointment form. For additional information on any condition, treatment or procedure, please visit our Health Education Library.